Who We Are

Our Mission

New Horizon Little Learners’ approach follows several philosophies that allow for healthy physical, mental, and emotional development of children. Our goal is to educate your child by providing a foundation for academics and socio-emotional learning. New Horizon Little Learners will educate through play and one on one interactions. We understand that every child learns differently and it is our goal to make learning fun and individualized to each child.


Research shows children thrive and learn in an environment that is stable. We work with parents and families to achieve stability, consistency, and a supportive environment, which children need to become successful for school and life. Through playtime and one-on-one interactions, your child will begin to learn muscle control, how to work with others, and develop appropriate social interactions.

From infants to pre-kindergarten, our teachers and staff support children through developmental milestones. Learning is an experience we want your child to enjoy, and a successful day is one where your child learned by doing!


Hello all! Welcome to New Horizon Little Learners Preschool. We look forward to getting to know you and your family to become a part of our family. It is Little Learners’ goal to help your children in hitting their milestone goals and preparing them for kindergarten. We believe in curriculum, which involves learning hands on and through play. We also make sure the curriculum is tailored to each child’s needs. We will document your child’s steps by providing a student portfolio, which will move up with your child when they advance to the next classroom. Little Learners offers parent teacher conferences twice a year, so we can show your child’s progress. This also allows you to meet one on one with your child’s teacher and ask any questions you may have or let us know of any goals personal goals for your child. We are a family and want everyone to feel welcome.

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